Freight Claims

EquipMax takes extra care in packaging our product and so has a remarkably low freight claim rate on delivered product. All products shipped from EquipMax are inspected and shipped free of defects, yet damage in transit can occur. Many times, even when a box is damaged in transit, the product inside is not harmed.

If you notice when opening a box that the product inside is damaged, you should stop unpacking immediately. Place all parts and packing material back into box and notify the freight company that you have concealed damage and request an inspector.

Commercial freight shipped from EquipMax is delivered FOB Origin; this shipping method makes it the customer’s responsibility to file any freight claims. Claim forms are only 1 page and very easy to fill out. Once the freight claim is made, place a P.O. with EquipMax for replacement product and mark it for Freight Damage Replacements. We will make every effort to process, and ship the replacement order in 10 working days or less.

Quality Control

EquipMax follows stringent inspection processes to maintain the quality of the products delivered to our customers. In addition to confirming the quality of construction of each and every premium and industrial workbench, EquipMax runs extensive testing on all of the accessories we offer, including all light fixtures, and ESD worksurfaces.

Where it applies, inspections also verify that…

  • Packing list matches original order paperwork;
  • Product is free of defects;
  • Correct hardware is included;
  • Special handling requests are followed; and
  • “Specials” assembled properly and accessories fit as specified.
  • Premium workbenches are assembled correctly when required to ship assembled.

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